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Welcome to Function and Form Suspension, where, since 2005, we’ve been committed to seamlessly blending style with unparalleled performance in our Function and Form coilovers. As industry leaders, we cater to the needs of passionate car enthusiasts seeking the perfect equilibrium in their driving experience. Crafted with precision and an eye for detail, our coilovers offer durability and reliability with a touch of style. Explore our Function and Form Suspension products and experience the optimal fusion of style and performance.


What are coilovers and what do coilovers do?

A coilover, short for “coil spring over strut,” is a compact suspension unit combining a coil spring and shock absorber. Its key feature is adjustable ride height, allowing users to raise or lower their vehicle for aesthetic or performance reasons. By turning the threaded shock body, enthusiasts can fine-tune suspension settings, optimizing handling and responsiveness. The coilover’s shock absorber plays a crucial role in damping, controlling the compression and rebound of the suspension for improved traction and contact with the road. This versatility makes coilovers a popular choice for enthusiasts seeking a customizable and high-performance suspension solution tailored to their driving preferences.


Lowering Springs vs Coilovers?

Lowering springs and coilovers are aftermarket upgrades aimed at enhancing a vehicle’s performance and appearance. While lowering springs offer a cost-effective solution for reducing ride height and improving handling, their compatibility with OEM shocks may lead to premature wear over time. In contrast, coilovers seamlessly integrate coil springs and shock absorbers, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. The threaded shock body in coilovers allows for adjustable ride height and damping settings, making them a preferred choice for enthusiasts seeking a customizable suspension solution, albeit at a potentially higher cost.


Function and Form Type 2 Coilovers Adjustment Coilover Suspension On Car


Type 2 Coilover

Introducing the Function and Form Type 2 Adjustable Coilovers – meticulously crafted for the daily driver seeking optimal customization and performance, with the versatility to handle occasional track days. Offering 32 levels of adjustable damping, these coilovers provide unparalleled flexibility, allowing easy adjustment at the top of the coilover to tailor to your driver preferences. The dual-tube shock design ensures maximum ride height and stability, including cold-rolled Japanese steel springs, preload readiness for quick installation, and threaded body and lower mounts for effortless ride height adjustability. Additionally, these adjustable coilovers feature special oil lubrication, demonstrating resilience in conditions ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius. Elevate your daily driving experience and be ready for the occasional track day with Function and Form Type 2 Adjustable Coilovers


Function and Form Coilovers Type-3 Adjustment Coilover Suspension on Car


Type 3 Coilover

Introducing the Function and Form Type 3 – a track-focused, full-bodied coilover designed to elevate your performance to the next level. Engineered with a high-strength JIS GS3445 carbon steel shock body, this coilover boasts durability and precision. Its digressive shock valving, coupled with advanced fluid dynamics, automatically adjusts the feel of the coilover based on movement speed, ensuring optimal responsiveness. The 24-step one-way adjustable dampening allows fine-tuning to meet specific track demands. Additionally, aircraft-grade aluminum 6061 top mounts are integrated to save weight without compromising strength, further enhancing agility and performance. The Function and Form Type 3 is the ultimate choice for enthusiasts seeking uncompromising performance on the track while maintaining the durability needed for daily driving. Elevate your driving experience with Function and Form Type 3


Function and Form Coilovers Type-4 Adjustment Coilover Suspension


Type 4 Coilover

Introducing the Function and Form Type 4 – meticulously crafted with the daily driver in mind, offering a luxurious ride without compromising performance. Geared for comfort, this coilover boasts a 40mm inverted piston design, enhancing damper strength to optimize performance during aggressive movements. The inclusion of a large fluid valve assembly and oil chambers ensures effective cooling, maintaining consistent performance. With a one-way adjustable 24-step spectrum, users can fine-tune their suspension to meet specific preferences. The aggressively tuned damping characteristics strike the perfect balance, providing a comfortable yet stable ride. The Function and Form Type 4 is the ideal choice for those seeking a daily driving experience enriched with luxury and performance. Elevate your ride with Function and Form Type 4 – where comfort meets precision.



Type 5 Air Suspension

Introducing the Function and Form Type 5 Air Suspension – redefining the driving experience for the daily driver and occasional track enthusiast with cutting-edge air suspension technology. Outfitted with double bellow air springs featuring a reinforced girdle hoop, this innovative air ride suspension system provides a sporty feel, eliminating the days of slow and bouncy suspensions from the past. With customizable ride dynamics comparable to a coilover, the Type 5 Air Suspension boasts a 32-step adjustable damping spectrum, allowing drivers to fine-tune their ride for optimal comfort and performance. Engineered as a comprehensive air suspension kit, it is designed to be plumbed with 1/4″ or 3/8″ lines, and the dual-chamber convoluted air springs fit seamlessly into tight spaces, accommodating angular differences with precision. Elevate your driving experience with the Function and Form Type 5 Air Suspension – where innovation meets versatility on both daily commutes and spirited track events with the ultimate air bag suspension solution.


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