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3/8″ DOT/PTC Plumbing Kit

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70 Amp Power Supply Kit


70 Amp Fuse

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Accuair 20ft Harness For Touchpad


20 ft USB Harness for TouchPad

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Accuair E-Level Ride Height Sensor Arm

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AccuAir e-Level™ Heavy Duty ECU


E-Level 4-Corner Electronic Control Unit.

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Accuair Exo Mount Bracket System


AccuAir Stage 2 eXo Mount Bracket Systems integrate all or your Air Management components. This mount bracket system includes all mounting brackets necessary to mount two Viair 380C/400C compressors, ECU and VU4 valve manifold, and three eXo clamps to mount our AccuAir 3 or 5-gallon aluminum air tanks.

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AccuAir i-level Wifi Receiver


AccuAir’s iLevel™ provides wireless control of your e-Level™ Air Suspension System

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Accuair Switchspeed Controller w/ Pressure Sensor

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Accuair VU4 Manifold

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E Level Upgrade