Acura Integra DC2 Type R 1994-2001 Type 2 Coilovers Kit


  • Full-bodied coilovers
  • Upper strut mounts included
  • Variable damping matched with proper spring rates
  • Cold-rolled Japanese steel springs
  • Quick install preload ready
  • Threaded body and lower mounts for ride height adjustments

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Honda introduced The Type R in 1995 with a 195 hp factory tuned B18C engine with a close ratio 5-speed manual transmission and a helical LSD. The DC2 Integra Type R had improved handling and performance over the GS-R, Si, and SiR-G Integra.

Curb Weight 2,436 lbs
Wheelbase 101.2 in
Length 172.4 in
Width 66.7 in
Height 50.8 in

Ride height
Oil Lubrication
Shock Design
Double Wishbone Piston Size
MacPherson Strut Piston Size
Spring Rates
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