Extended Top Hats


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When used in combination with shorter springs, extended top hats allow for full shock stroke while maintaining proper preload. Suitable for use in both front and/or rear. Fitment compatible for kits using 2.5″ I.D. springs. Please contact our technicians to confirm compatibility or if attempting to assemble to older generation coilover kits. Sold in pairs.

EF, DA, EG, DC2, EK, S2000
Spring Inner Diameter
2.5″ I.D.
Spring Rate
Spring Length
6″ (152mm)
6-Mo Limited
Legacy SKU

Fitment Vehicles:
1987 Honda Civic EF     1999 Honda S2000     1990 Acura Integra DA
1988 Honda Civic EF     2000 Honda S2000     1991 Acura Integra DA
1989 Honda Civic EF     2001 Honda S2000     1992 Acura Integra DA
1990 Honda Civic EF     2002 Honda S2000     1993 Acura Integra DA
1991 Honda Civic EF     2002 Honda S2000     1994 Acura Integra DC
1992 Honda Civic EG     2003 Honda S2000     1995 Acura Integra DC
1993 Honda Civic EG     2004 Honda S2000     1996 Acura Integra DC
1994 Honda Civic EG     2005 Honda S2000     1997 Acura Integra DC
1995 Honda Civic EG     2006 Honda S2000     1998 Acura Integra DC
1996 Honda Civic EK     2007 Honda S2000     1999 Acura Integra DC
1997 Honda Civic EK     2008 Honda S2000     2000 Acura Integra DC
1998 Honda Civic EK     2009 Honda S2000     2001 Acura Integra DC
1999 Honda Civic EK
2000 Honda Civic EK

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