TESLA Model 3 4WD (2019+) Type 4 Coilover Kit


  • Inverted monotube coilovers designed with a long stroke for added travel
  • Aggressively tuned damping characteristics
  • 40mm inverted piston design increases damper strength optimizing performance during aggressive movement
  • Large fluid valve assembly and oil chambers
  • Independent ride height adjustment
  • One way adjustable w/ 24-step spectrum


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Unleash the full potential of your Tesla Model 3 4WD Dual Motor with the Function and Form Type 4 Coilovers – a groundbreaking suspension upgrade meticulously crafted for optimal performance and precision. Tailored exclusively for the Tesla Model 3, coilover redefine driving dynamics with their advanced features and user-friendly design.

At the core of the Function and Form Type 4 Coilovers for Tesla Model 3 is the revolutionary inverted monotube design. This cutting-edge approach enhances responsiveness and ensures consistent damping even in the most demanding driving conditions. With the monotube design, heat dissipation is optimized, and unsprung weight is reduced, providing an unparalleled ride quality for both daily commuting and exhilarating adventures.

The installation process becomes a breeze with the included top hats, setting these coilovers apart from the competition. Function and Form prioritize user convenience, making the installation notably more straightforward compared to other coilover systems available for the Tesla Model 3. Whether you are a seasoned DIY enthusiast or prefer professional installation, the coilovers streamline the process, ensuring efficiency without compromising on performance.

Fine-tuning your Tesla Model 3’s suspension

Standard Ride Height

Designed to strike a balance between performance and ride quality.
Maintains a comfortable ride height that is 2″ lower than stock ride height.
This kit will not achieve a OEM ride Height

Super-Low Ride Height

Designed for enthusiasts who prioritize a lowered stance for a more aggressive look.
Achieves a lowered stance by tucking the rear tire closer to the fender that is 2.75″ lower than stock ride height.
This kit will not achieve a OEM ride Height

In essence, Standard Ride Height is ideal for those who want improved handling without sacrificing comfort, while Super Low Ride Height is better suited for those who prioritize a lowered, more aggressive appearance.

24-Step Spectrum
Ride height
Adjustable independent from spring preload.
2-Year Limited
Shock Design
Inverted Monotube
Spring Rates
10k (560lbs) Front, 8k (448lbs) Rear

Vehicle Fitment
2019 Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor
2020 Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor
2021 Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor
2022 Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor
2023 Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor
2024 Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor

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