Toyota Tacoma/4Runner (2005-2017) Front/Rear Leveling Lift Kit 3″/2″


  • 3-Inch front lift and 2-Inch rear lift.
  • Maintains factory ride quality.
  • Experience improved ground clearance.
  • Effortless installation: Easily bolt-on solution.
  • No differential spacing or modification required.
  • Not 1:1 ratio, product height is 1.5-Inch but equals a 3-Inch lift when installed.

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Presenting the Toyota Tacoma 4Runner Leveling Kit, a meticulously crafted Front 3-inch and Rear 2-inch Leveling Lift Kit tailored for the Second Generation models spanning 2005-2017. This specialized upgrade is designed to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your vehicle, promising a driving experience that goes above and beyond.

Designed for a seamless bolt-on installation on Toyota Tacoma and 4Runner models from 2005-2017, this leveling lift kit ensures an affordable and easily reversible transformation. Say goodbye to the factory rake and effortlessly embrace a more assertive and leveled look, achieving a striking visual impact with minimal effort.

Distinguished by innovative engineering, our leveling lift kit provides a precise 3-inch lift for the front and a 2-inch lift for the rear. This precision ensures optimal performance and aesthetics, meeting the specific needs of Toyota Tacoma and 4Runner enthusiasts. Notably, the components, standing at 1.26 inches tall, skillfully deliver the specified lift when seamlessly integrated, highlighting our commitment to quality and precision.

Function and Form redefine the visual landscape of your Toyota Tacoma or 4Runner, seamlessly blending style with practicality. This leveling lift kit doesn’t just enhance ground clearance; it also preserves the factory ride quality, showcasing our unwavering dedication to precision and quality. Elevate your driving experience effortlessly, embarking on a refined journey that encapsulates a commitment to excellence and affordability.

Upgrade your Toyota Tacoma or 4Runner’s stance with our Toyota Tacoma 4Runner Leveling Kit, featuring a Front 3-inch and Rear 2-inch Leveling Lift Kit. This affordable and easily reversible modification is meticulously designed for Second Generation models from 2005-2017. Embrace a new era of automotive sophistication where function seamlessly intertwines with form, creating a driving experience that consistently exceeds expectations. Make a statement on the road with a vehicle that not only looks remarkable but also performs at its peak, reflecting your commitment to quality, precision, and a touch of automotive artistry.

Avg Install time
1-3 Hours
6061 Hardened Aluminum Alloy
Precision CNC
Anodized Red Cherry
Base Unit
Sold in pairs
1-Year Limited

Vehicle Fitment
2005 Toyota Tacoma    2005 Toyota 4runner
2006 Toyota Tacoma    2006 Toyota 4runner
2007 Toyota Tacoma    2007 Toyota 4runner
2008 Toyota Tacoma    2008 Toyota 4runner
2009 Toyota Tacoma    2009 Toyota 4runner
2010 Toyota Tacoma    2010 Toyota 4runner
2011 Toyota Tacoma    2011 Toyota 4runner
2012 Toyota Tacoma    2012 Toyota 4runner
2013 Toyota Tacoma    2013 Toyota 4runner
2014 Toyota Tacoma    2014 Toyota 4runner
2015 Toyota Tacoma    2015 Toyota 4runner
2016 Toyota Tacoma    2016 Toyota 4runner
2017 Toyota Tacoma    2017 Toyota 4runner

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