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AWD conversion Function and Form Coilovers


If you’re ready to take your vehicle to the next level and transform it into an all-wheel-drive (AWD) powerhouse this guide will walk you through the crucial steps to prepare coilover for AWD conversion kits, focusing on the essential process of measuring the shock body for a flawless integration.


Awd Conversion Function and Form Coilovers


Step 1: Gather Tools and Equipment

To ensure a smooth conversion process, gather the tools and equipment you’ll need. Essential items include calipers and a thread pitch gauge tool that can measure in metric. These tools will play a crucial role in accurately measuring the shock body, enabling you to obtain precise dimensions for the AWD conversion.


AWD Conversion Function and Form Coilovers


Step 2: Measure the Shock Body with Calipers

Begin by measuring the shock body using calipers in metric. Measure on the smooth part of the shock just above the threaded section to get the diameter of shock body and write that number down.


AWD Conversion Function and Form Coilovers


Step 3: Use a Thread Pitch Gauge Tool for Accurate Measurements

In addition to calipers, a thread pitch tool measures the distance between threads expressed in millimeters. Extend the leaves on the tool and press against the threaded portion. You are looking for the teeth to match the spacing of the thread. Take your time during this step to guarantee the accuracy of your measurements.


Step 4: Combine Diameter and Thread Pitch

The final step is inserting your two measurements in this format:  M(Shock Diameter) x (thread pitch):

M43x1.25 = M43 is the Diameter of the shock body, (43mm) and 1.25 is the thread pitch

M50X2.0 = M50 is the Diameter of the shock body, (50mm) and 2.0 is the thread pitch


Step 5: Place an order for AWD Conversion Kit

By following these steps and focusing on accurate measurements with calipers and a thread pitch tool, you can seamlessly integrate the Function and Form Suspension suspension to an AWD Kit, unlocking the full potential of your vehicle on the road.


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